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Elisa Olalde

Craniosacral Specialist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer

I have been in private practice in Eugene since 2007. I am deeply passionate about my work and being in service to others on their healing journey and for the planet. I started as massage therapist who was interested in energy work. As I worked with clients I could see the need for deeper more spiritual work. As I traveled down my path of healing I gravitated towards modalities that fed my soul. All of the trainings and classes I have taken over the years have blended together and created my own unique version of energy healing work. I believe that we all hold unique and powerful gifts and it is my honor to assist you in finding and enhancing yours! 


I went to East West College of Healing Arts in Portland, OR and completed an 800 hour massage therapy training. During my time there I took a 3 month long specialty course in Craniosacral Therapy (CST), myofascial release and deep tissue massage. As a student and after I graduated I worked with chiropractors for 7 years deepening my understanding of the pain body and injury. During that time I studied Core Synchronism (a branch of CST) with Anne Hill, ND in Portland. I completed 3 trainings with her that include physical body realignment, energy and chakra system rebalancing, nervous system and brain support restoration. I then expanded my training with Carol Gray, CST in Portland. Completing her Subtle Hands course as well as Infant Craniosacral and Advanced Infant Craniosacral Therapy. I have also trained with Laura Magpali & Paul Nelson in levels 1, 2, 3 Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki. In 2010 I completed 2 year-long Shamanic Apprenticeships with Alida Birch & Marta Boyette. I have also studied with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Christina Pratt, Karuna Gatton and Leia Hart. 

I have years of experience supporting the healing process of people who have experienced motor vehicle accidents, brain injury, whiplash, concussions, and chronic pain. 

I continue to study Energy Body Mastery & Clearing with Langston Khan.  I have a private daily practice in my own energy body hygiene and maintenance that benefits myself and my clients.

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