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Call, text, or email to schedule a healing session.

Infant Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

All babies benefit from having at least one CST session. It is gentle and safe. It is recommended to see babies both before and after a lip or tongue tie revision. There are many benefits, some of which include: improvement with latch and breastfeeding relationship, improved sleep, reflux, torticollis, digestive issues, colic, nervous system issues and much more. 


Mamas also benefit from from the treatment as baby's and mama's energies are connected. I always try to get mama on the table too when there is time. LEARN MORE

Sliding Scale ~ $50 - $200    ~    Service Value $130

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) 

CST is a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience. We work with the craniosacral system to release tension, pain patterns and emotions that can get trapped in the body.  It has many benefits for the brain, nervous system and improving your overall health.  LEARN MORE

60 minutes ~ $100     75 minutes ~ $115    90 minutes ~ $130

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) & Energy Healing

This session is for people new to energy work or seasoned clients, and includes CST, Reiki, with touches of Shamanic influence. We will address physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Deeply relaxing, this session will leave you feeling grounded and rejuvenated. LEARN MORE

This is a great way to experience the impact of energy work. For a deeper  level of spiritual healing, ask me about a Healing & Empowerment Ceremony.

75 Minutes ~ $115     90 Minutes ~ $130

Healing & Empowerment Ceremony

For anyone needing a deeper level of healing. If you feel incomplete, depressed, disassociated, have chronic illness, chronic behavior patterns or trauma you could benefit from this work. This session offers healing on the spiritual level and includes: Divination, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Depossession, Dismemberment, Power Animal Retrieval and I will teach you how to journey on your own.  

Begin your journey with energy work with a Craniosacral and Energy Healing Session (see above). As we work together, it will become clear if you might benefit from the powerful healing experience of a Healing & Empowerment Ceremony.  Please ask me if you have any questions about where to start. LEARN MORE

2-3 hours ~ $250

Distance Healing

This is similar to an energy healing session but it is not done in-person. So much can be cleared or accomplished in a distanced session. This is great for a spiritual emergency type situation or simply because you live in a different city. We will talk over the phone and you can explain what you are needing help with. I will then journey on your behalf and clear anything that needs clearing or healing. Afterward I will send you a voice recording of the session detailing what happened. We can speak after to discuss how it went if needed. Please text, email or call if you have any questions about these shamanic services. Learn more about Energy Healing.


Energy Body Explorations*

This offering can be added to another service or be the sole focus of a session. I guide you though exploring or deepening your understanding about grounding cords, connection to source energy, energetic boundaries, connecting to higher self/wisdom, different ways to clear energy, aura work and more. Whether done to prepare to receive healing work at the beginning of a session or done as a session in itself, the one on one setting is wonderful for deepening our relationships to ourselves for understanding and healing. Wonderful for empaths, healers, medical professionals or anyone in a human body. Learn healthy ways and tools to manage and heal your own energy! In person or over zoom.

*This is not a sexual service.


Community workshop offerings for personal and collective healing can be a powerful opportunity for healing and growth. LEARN MORE

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