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An Energy Healing & Empowerment Ceremony is a beautiful and transformational experience. We will work to repair the soul and spirit on the deepest level. It generally lasts 2-3 hours and includes the following:  

Please ask me about including any of these elements in your

Craniosacral & Energy Healing session to deepen spiritual healing. 

Setting Sacred Space

We begin by setting sacred and safe space. We call in the helping spirits and our well, true and beautiful ancestors. We call in the elements to hold us in sacred space and to ask for healing.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss can occur when a person suffers a trauma or emotional crisis. In trauma a part of the soul may fragment off and leave (dissociation) so that the body and the psyche can survive the experience. Soul loss leaves a person with less than their whole vital life force. 


Possible symptoms of this include:

  • Not feeling “whole”

  • Feeling “that part of me left” or “I haven’t been the same since. . . “

  • Can’t remember a certain age or details of a traumatic event

  • Chronic illness, depression, or fatigue

  • Chronic behavior patterns or addictions

  • And more…

Soul Part Integration

Once the soul parts are returned, they need to be integrated back into the client’s vital life force.​​ This is so important. The healing and integration is deepened when done through shamanic journeying, which you will also learn how to do during this session.


When a person experiences soul loss, an opening is created in the vital life force of the person. Things can lodge here that don’t belong and need to be removed energetically. The shamanic healer removes energies that may have entered the opening thus preparing the client for a power or soul retrieval. This is done easily and painlessly.

Power Retrieval

In the power retrieval, the healer journeys to non-ordinary reality to connect with the client’s power animal(s). The client is then introduced to the animal(s), given messages from them and joyously bonds with them. One’s power animal(s) are then available for both common place assistance and transformative work.

The Shamanic Journey

This includes the basics on how to journey safely. Clients learn to journey by learning to “ride” a drum beat into non-ordinary reality to connect with helping Spirits. Reconnection with Spirits helps us to:

  • Restore our power

  • Answer questions and find solution to life’s issues

  • Heal ourselves, our family and friends

  • Connect to the energy and love of the universe

Preparation for a
Healing & Empowerment Ceremony

Ask yourself: Am I at a place in my life where I am ready and open to change?  Am I ready to make my life better?  The immediate effect of this work varies greatly from person to person.  Some people don’t feel different at all right after the session but over time will gradually feel the change, while others may feel a “shift” immediately after.  There is no right way to feel or be after a Healing Ceremony.  The “real” work comes after the Ceremony.  Integration and transformation will happen easier the more open you are to it.  Being gentle with yourself is key here.  

    I suggest having a support system with whom you can explain this work to. Tell someone who is open and that you trust that you are doing this so that you will have someone to talk to and share with afterwards. I cannot stress enough how important the community is in this work. When others recognize our changes, it becomes much more powerful! It may be helpful for some to have follow-up appointments to help integrate and support the work for the best possible outcome.

    If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask! I recommend bringing a journal or notebook and a pen. You will have time to write down your experiences as well as any messages received. I can also record the session if you wish. Some people also like to bring a rock or crystal that calls to them for support.


The cost is $250 for the entire session. I also accept payment plans or a sliding scale to keep the healing work accessible to all. Please inquire if this applies to you. Thank you!

Energy Healing Ceremony
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